Camden Leisure Centres

Accessing Camden Leisure Centres

Camden’s leisure centres, operated in partnership with Better, are now fully re-opened. Prepaid members can access the gym without a booking, and all customers can visit their local leisure centres to take part in an activity, however places are limited for swimming sessions and fitness classes, booking in advance is recommended via the Better UK app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) or online via Better Website

You can find out more, including timetables and prices, and find your nearest centre at Better Camden Leisure Centres

Finding your activities

Getting active as you are older is a great thing to do. There is plenty of choice of activity in Camden. Ranging from a walk to a workout at a wide range of venues, from community centres to gyms.

Free Swimming for Over 60s

Did you know free swimming is available for Camden residents aged 60+, weekdays 7am-12pm at our Better Camden leisure centres?  To access this offer, all you need is to be a Camden resident and have a Pay and Play card which costs £5.70 per year. 

Better 55+club 

Better are the customer facing brand of Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) a charitable social enterprise, working in partnership with Camden Council, Better operate 5 leisure centres across Camden. Each Leisure Centre provides opportunities for older adults to be involved in enjoyable activity sessions on a weekly basis: 

Take a look at the Better Camden 55+ Club Activity Programme (PDF). 

  • Pancras Square Leisure 
  • Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre
  • Talacre Community Sports Centre
  • Kentish Town Sports Centre
  • Oasis Sports Centre

If you are interested in swimming but have limited mobility or need assistance to access the pool, at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre and Kentish Town Sports Centre we have a PoolPod. This is the latest innovation to access the pool in a safe, secure and friendly way.

Wellbeing walks in Camden 

Wellbeing walks in Camden are FREE to attend and available all through the week. Get involved staying healthy by walking around Camden, meeting new friends and exploring your local area. 

Stay Active Whilst at Home

  • Camden Active at Home Booklet has been made to support older people and those who are shielded to stay active and healthy at home.
  • Sports England have provided information on some good ways you can stay active and fit whilst at home.
  • Ensure you are moving a lot more whilst at home by exercising daily for just 10 minutes. 10 Today provides short 10 minute exercise videos you can follow, listen and watch in the comfort of your home.
  • Get involved with FREE daily fun online activities to help keep you healthy with Couch to Fitness. List of videos and online support to help boost your motivation. 

Finding Activities in Camden

  • Ways to Move More in Camden shares information on how to keep active in Camden with home based exercise resources, activity finders, apps and other helpful tips.
  • Find all the fun and favourite activities for older adults near you using our Camden Activity map.
  • Find inspiring stories about how your Camden residents like you, are moving more. Locate all the activities and places to be active close to you with We Can Move.

Fun Ways to Stay Active Together 

  • Camden has 9 Outdoor Gyms for you as well as your friends and family. A fun and different way to enjoy exercising for FREE, whilst getting the fresh air you need.
  • Wellbeing walks in Camden are FREE to attend and available all through the week. Get involved staying healthy by walking around Camden, meeting new friends and exploring your local area. 

Assisted Sessions in Camden

  • Working in partnership with Camden Council, Better provide leisure opportunities for Camden residents including the Better Camden 55+ Club Activity Programme
  • Several Camden leisure centres provide specialist classes for older adults, often with a strong social element. In the south of the Borough the YMCA has great over 60s club.
  • Attendance to the Dementia Club and Programme is FREE, with each session aiming to provide professional advice, gentle exercise to music and fun activities in a social atmosphere served with tea, coffee and cakes.

Tips and Ways to Stay Active

  • Find inspiring stories about how your Camden residents like you, are moving more. Locate all the activities and places to be active close to you with We Can Move.
  • How to stay happy, healthy and aiming to be the best person you can be? One You provides helpful information on how you can get into good daily practices to improve your lifestyle.

Visit live sport events

Be inspired by watching top-class sport and seeing elite international athletes performing around London with SportonSpec. An opportunity to book and visit the sporting events that are taking place in and around the city. 

Choosing the right level of physical activity

Getting active can make a massive difference to your health and well-being,  if you want to find sessions that work at the right level for you, the attached pyramid diagram and the table below explains the types of activity and the qualifications of instructors who might lead them.

Whilst any physical activity is good, if you have a health condition or  want to get your strength back after a fall, it is a good idea to  find one that is delivered by someone who is qualified to work with your age group or health condition.

Older Adults Physical Activity Guide

View the Older Adults Physical Activity Guide (PDF)

Level 3 and 4 refer to exercise instructor qualifications 

For all - For everyone any physical activity is great, whether carried out independently  or instructor-led. It doesn't matter if this is dance, going to the gym, a walk in the park, swimming, joining a walking group using an outdoor gym.

Level 3 - For people with long term conditions, older adults those referred to exercise by GP. Qualified instructor provide a range of activities mainly carried out in leisure and community centres.  

Level 4 - For people progressing from clinical or physio-led structured exercise programmes to community provision. These are mainly carried out in leisure and community centres.  

Clinical Level - Services provided in a hospital /  clinical settings or through the community rehabilitation services (CNWL). 

Camden Walking Football

What is walking football?

Walking football is becoming more increasingly popular. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a standard game of football where players walk instead of run.

It's designed to help people get fit or maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter what your age or fitness levels are.

It's also a good way to get people back into football if they have previously stopped before due to age or injury.

Older People who have played have seen benefits such as:

  • healthier heart rate
  • lower blood pressure
  • weight loss
  • gained strength 
  • improved mobility 
  • more sociable and have made new friends

How Can I Play?

Swiss Cottage Pitch, Swiss Cottage Sports Centre, Adelaide Road, NW3 3NF


Day - Every Sunday 

Time - 11:00am - 12:30pm

Cost - Free - Available to all 


Sunday Session: Consists of no sports coach and is more faster paced.

For more information please contact