How we can help

If you’re at risk of being homeless

We can: 

  • offer advice on finding a home
  • try to prevent or delay you becoming homeless
  • explain your rights
  • offer advice on your tenancy

We can work with you to try and prevent your homelessness and resolve any housing issues you may have.  We can do this by working with you to create a personalised housing plan.

If we cannot prevent you becoming homeless

We may have a legal duty to offer you accommodation if we cannot prevent you becoming homeless and you’re:

  • a care leaver
  • pregnant
  • a parent of dependent children 
  • vulnerable through age or ill health
  • in or have been in the armed forces  
  • serving or have served a custodial sentence
  • fleeing violence or abuse
  • in an emergency such as a fire or flood

Offering accommodation

If we have a legal duty to offer accommodation, we will offer private rented or temporary accommodation. If you’ve no rights to public funds such as benefits, we may not be able to provide you with housing. We can still offer housing advice.

If you have no priority need for housing then we have no legal duty to provide you with accommodation. We go further than the law tells us to but our resources are limited. We only offer accommodation to those who need it most. 

Contact us for advice

If you are at risk of becoming homeless in the next 8 weeks:

Contact us

If you're homeless

If you have nowhere to sleep tonight or are currently sleeping rough, call the Homelessness Prevention service on 0207 974 4444. For people sleeping rough, the Safer Streets Team may also be able to help.

You may access more housing options with your local council if you do not live or work in Camden.

Under 18s

If you’re under 18 call Children’s Services on 0207 974 4444.

Homelessness policy information

Duty to refer

If you are a public authority in England as part of the Homelessness Reduction Act you must notify a local council of service users you think may be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Any organisation can refer a person. 

Please ensure that you have the person’s consent before referring them to us, and their consent for us to contact them.

Please also call us on 020 7974 5801 for advice or guidance, for you, a service user or someone you know who may be at risk of homelessness. 

Complete the duty to refer form