Emergency alerts

Sign up here to receive email and text message alerts to emergencies in Camden. Messages will be jointly issued by Camden Police and us. You will not be charged for any messages you receive.

When you sign up to receive alerts, you will automatically be added to the distribution list for Camden-wide incidents. You will also be able choose to receive alerts for one or more wards in the borough for localised emergencies.

How do I sign-up?

You will need a valid email address to sign up. If you don’t have one already you can get one for free from services such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft

Please note that emergency alerts may be issued at unsociable hours, should an incident occur and urgent action is required.

Under what circumstances would a message be issued?

Messages would be sent following one of the following:

  • a terrorist or suspected terrorist incident that has occurred in the borough or which impacts upon the borough
  • major transportation accident (e.g. train / tube derailment or crash)
  • major fire / explosion
  • widespread flooding affecting large parts of the borough or issuing of an extreme weather warning for Camden
  • widespread power failure affecting large parts of the borough
  • significant transport disruption e.g. due to severe weather
  • protests, marches or other organised events which have the potential to cause disruption

Parking bay suspensions

You can receive email notifications of parking bay suspensions on specified street(s) or controlled parking zone (CPZ) that are due for suspension within the next 14 days.

You will also receive reminder emails for parking bay suspensions due to start within the next two days.

Search for suspensions on our parking suspension page


Street works

Receive email alerts on street works for any street or ward planned to take place in the next seven days within Camden. This will include details of street works, building licences (skips, scaffolding, hoardings etc ) and crane operations.

The alerts include:

  • location of work
  • start date
  • end date
  • and name of the company responsible
  • a reference number for the work

How do I register?

Trading standards

Consumer scam alerts

If you would like to be notified and kept up to date about the latest frauds and scams affecting consumers. We will tell you when there are uninvited traders door knocking in the area. We will also tell you about new types of  telephone, internet, email and postal scams so you can protect yourself from being caught out.

How do I register?

Business scam alerts

If you would like to be notified and kept up to date about the latest frauds affecting businesses we will tell you about new types of scams so you can prevent financial losses occurring.

How do I register?