Veolia can help you put your recycling and rubbish out for collection if you: 

  • live in a house 
  • live in a house that has been divided into flats 
  • have your recycling and rubbish collected from street level 

And you: 

  • have a disability 
  • are pregnant or have recently given birth 
  • have an illness or health condition 
  • live alone and need support to put your recycling and rubbish out 

To find out what help might be available to you, contact Veolia 

If you live on an estate or in a block, or if none of these apply to you and you need help putting out your recycling and rubbish, you can: 

  • ask friends, family or a neighbour for help 
  • speak to your landlord or property manager 
  • speak to your caretaker or estate supervisor 
  • see what help is available through Camden Care Choices