Planning frameworks and briefs give guidance for specific sites and areas of Camden. This is where we expect significant development and growth to happen.

These documents provide additional and more specific policy and place-based guidance to support the Local Plan and help guide development.  We consider these carefully when we assess planning applications.

Some other areas and sites are subject to separate policies and guidance. This is through Local Plan documents such as Area Plans, Site Allocations and neighbourhood plans.

Place-based planning guidance being developed

The Council is currently preparing place-based guidance for the following areas in the borough:

Adopted place-based guidance

The following planning frameworks and briefs have been adopted:


Adoption Date

Gospel Oak and Haverstock Community Vision

Canalside to Camley Street

West End Lane to Finchley Road

Kentish Town Planning Framework

Camden Good Yards (PDF)

November 2022

November 2021

September 2021

July 2020

July 2017

Mount Pleasant (PDF)

February 2012

King's Cross Opportunity Area Planning and Development Brief  (PDF)

January 2004

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